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Nelly - Nellyville (d2c deluxe edition 2lp)

A1. Nellyville

A2. Gettin It Started

A3. Hot In Herre

A4. Dem Boyz

A5. Oh Nelly

A6. Pimp Juice

B1. Air Force Ones

B2. In The Store

B3. On The Grind

B4. Dilemma

B5. Splurge

C1 Work It

C2. Roc The Mic

C3. The Gank

C4. 5000

C5. #1

C6. CG2

D1. Say Now

D2. Fuck It Then

D3. Not In My House

D4, Kings Highway

D5. Work It - Copenhaniacs Remix

D6. Hot in Herre - Corporate Remix